1990's Green Mark "7542" Puerh Tea

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Bearing the generic CNNP wrapper used in this period, it's difficult to give any information about the origins of this tea.  It's blended and processed in a style similar to Menghai Tea Factory's 7542 recipe.   In the early years, this tea spent some time in Hong Kong, before being bought and stored by a private collector in Shenzhen.  We bought this tea from this collector.

The storage in the early years was a little humid, and in later years it has aired out nicely, leaving a very cleanly stored, nicely aged cake.  The tea brews quite dark in colour, but it's still very vibrant and clean in the mouth, with nice camphor notes, medium-thick body and very comfortable to drink.

This is a nice find for lovers of aged tea, especially as 90's teas are soaring in price for teas of this quality.