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2012 Cloud Watching - Ancient Tree

2012 Cloud Watching - Ancient Tree

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This tea was a private production,  pressed by a friend of ours in Jinghong.  According to him, it's an early Spring production from ancient trees growing in the forest along the China/Myanmar border, to the east of the Bulang mountain range.  It has been stored cleanly in Jinghong, where the hot and humid weather has allowed this tea to begin to transform nicely. 

This area isn't so famous, but there are some really big trees growing there and we've no reason to doubt him on the origin.   In the cup, this also comes through in the tea.  The taste isn't super strong or obvious in the beginning, but it creeps up on you, along with the unusually strong energy of the tea that slowly envelops your body and mind and provided inspiration for the quote from Kathy which gave rise to the name we've given this tea - Cloud Watching.

"It just makes me want to sit and do nothing, and look at the sky"

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