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2021 Yiwu Queen of the Forest

2021 Yiwu Queen of the Forest

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We don't make many blends, but decided to mix it up a little this year and set out to make a high end Yiwu blend from teas that most people wouldn't dream of blending.   Included in this are 4 gardens, all within different parts of Yiwu Guoyoulin (the protected State Forest).  They're all ancient trees, some gaogan (tall pole trees), and all providing different characters to add to the experience.

The tea is multi-layered, with very pleasant evolving aromas and flavours.  It's thick and rich, with very nice comfortable energy. 

This for us showcases some of the best that Yiwu has to offer.  Although this is a blend, there's no 'filler' in this tea - each part of it brings its own character to make an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts.


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