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2023 Breakfast For Meditators Mini Puerh Cake

2023 Breakfast For Meditators Mini Puerh Cake

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We have spent much time working to find just the right sheng puerh to blend with our "Earth" Big Tree Shu Puerh. After several iterations we developed this recipe, which we find to be quite successful in its balance of flavour and body sensation.

The sheng puerh’s vibrant energy lifts the tea up with its refreshing and lovely honey aroma, while the shu puerh is warming, grounding, and balancing - offering woody, earthy, and also slightly creamy and fruity tasting notes. 

It’s a really interesting and comfortable combination. It’s balanced, smooth, gently uplifting and very soothing. A nice start for the day.

It has been a firm favourite in our daily tea drinking - a tea we like to enjoy first thing in the morning before a meditation session or even to brew in a thermos casually on the go. 

We’ve pressed this in 7g discs, easy to break into half - you can throw a whole disc in a bigger pot, or even half a disc in a mug and brew, adding more boiling water as required.

This tea needs one or two brews to bring the flavour out, as it has been compressed tightly. This tea is chemical and pesticide free.

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