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1990‘s Fu Quan Tea House Tian Xin Yan (San Yin) Zhen Cong Shui Xian

1990‘s Fu Quan Tea House Tian Xin Yan (San Yin) Zhen Cong Shui Xian

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This tea was an unexpected and surprising find on this years Malaysia trip.  Originally made by Fu Quan Tea House in Penang (a famous city down north of Malaysia), which closed in 2000, this tea is hard to come by - but luckily we found some from a collector in Penang. 

Penang has a big population of Chinese immigrants, most from Fu Jian and Guang Dong province.  The Fu Jian Malaysians enjoy drinking oolong - Tie Guan Yin or Cliff teas, while the Guang Dong Malaysians enjoy drinking Puerh or Liu Bao. 

Fu Quan Tea House wanted to best serve the tastes of the local people, so they imported Cliff tea and Tie Guan Yin from China (Fu Jian Provence). Then they processed the tea again in their own style to create a flavour that the local Malaysian Chinese tea lovers would enjoy.

We found a small quantity of this 90's Shui Xian made by Fu Quan Tea house, marked from Tian Xin Yan - 天心岩 (famous cliff in Wuyi Mountain). It has stamps marked Zhen Cong which signifies ‘real bushes’ from Wuyi Mountain. The red stamp on the left side is "福泉茶庄- Fu Quan Tea House". 

This tea is medium-strong roasted. The original roast was a bit lighter when arriving to Fu Quan Tea House from Wuyi Mountain, but became stronger once the tea shop roasted it for a second time in their own local style. 

This extra roast was done with great skill, as the tea still looks, smells, and still tastes really lively - and not over roasted at all.  I also think the purpose of this second roast was not just for flavour, but to protect the tea from getting too wet in Malaysia’s weather as well. 

The collector stored this tea in sealed metal tins, creating an ideal dry storage for Cliff tea and preserving the roast profile. The liquid is smooth and rich, it has nice aged woody and fruity taste. The roasting flavour has nicely aged, with warming and comfortable mouth feel and body feeling as well. It's a nice rare 1990's aged Cliff tea.

This tea has been hand packed in a traditional style called "pillow pack" which is around 125g, but it has been ageing for more than 20 years now, so the weight might have reduced a bit naturally.  

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