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130ml Fang Xia - Zini Shui Ping Yixing Teapot

130ml Fang Xia - Zini Shui Ping Yixing Teapot

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These pots have been quite a while in the making.  We've gone through many samples from different potters & experimented with many clays.

We wanted to make a range of simple pots, that were inexpensive, had good workmanship and most importantly made from high quality clay.

We selected a good quality aged zini clay from someone in Yixing that deals with small batches of original ore clays.  This type of Zini is called Qing Hui Ni and was collected in the area of Yixing's Huanglongshan, No 4 mine.   

With this clay, we commissioned a potter who has worked for over 30 years - only making shui ping teapots.   His skillset may not be wide, but his specialist craftsmanship in making shui ping teapots is truly excellent.  These are half-handmade, with thin walls and medium-high fired.  Inside is a single hole filter.   

These are excellent teapots, and through ordering in quantity, we've been able to offer them at a price that we didn't think possible for this quality of clay and craftsmanship.   We hope you enjoy them.

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