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180ml Fang Xia - Yi Gong - Di Cao Qing

180ml Fang Xia - Yi Gong - Di Cao Qing

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We commissioned these pots recently, made from a batch of pure Di Cao QIng clay from Yixing's Huanglongshan.  In the early 2000's this clay was collected from the mine by a local who specialises in small batches of clay.   The clay has been ground and processed without any additives.

The shape  is modelled on a Qing Dynasty pot, and inside is a ball mesh style clay filter.  The workmanship is really nice, very refined and elegant.  We decided to have these pots half-handmade and to order in quantity, to allow for a price that is more accessible for all, but still with excellent clay and workmanship.

Please note:  These are the second batch we made of this shape, with slightly higher firing and a mesh filter inside instead of the single hole filter we had in the first batch.  The photos have been updated to reflect this.

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