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1980 VIVE Aged Liu Bao

1980 VIVE Aged Liu Bao

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VIVE  is one of the most famous of the Liu Bao teas from the 80's. This batch of Liu Bao was specially ordered by the company VIVE from the Wu Zhou tea factory around this period.   Two batches were produced - Special Grade and First Grade.   This is the higher special grade production.

VIVE Liu Bao contains a high grade of buds and leaves   

This particular basket has been very well stored. With medium strong fermentation (渥堆) processing, and traditional pine wood roasting -the taste is smooth and very clean, allowing the characteristics of the tea to appear clearly in each brew.

There is a nice betel nut and woody aroma and taste. It continues with pleasant bitterness, a nice rich texture, and grounding and warming body feelings.

From the Liu Bao teas from the 80's that we've come across, this one is definitely worth to try.


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