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1990's Wuzhou Tea Factory Second Grade Liubao

1990's Wuzhou Tea Factory Second Grade Liubao

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When we are in the market looking for 1990s era Liu Bao, we often find WuZhou Zhong Cha Factory, Wuzhou tea factory, and more rarely some Hong Kong style Liu Bao in the market. The Zhong Cha Tea Factory Liu Bao was exported in high quantity to Malaysia, making it easiest to find, whereas WuZhou Tea Factory is not as easy to come across. Tea from WuZhou Tea Factory in general will be of better quality (use better materials), and the fermentation flavour tends to be a lot less than the Wuzhou Zhong Cha Factory from the same period.  

This 1990's Liubao tea was produced in baskets under the "Wuzhou Tea Factory" brand. When we bought this tea from a collector, we found two batches. This is the second grade batch, which contains more buds and tender leaves than the third grade. It was stored in the factory in Wuzhou then exported to Malaysia where it has been stored in a good clean way since the early 2000s.

Because of the medium light fermentation processing and light roasting, the tea has kept a good liveliness and possesses good elements for continued ageing. It carries nice woody and camphor aged flavours with a rich and smooth texture. This tea imparts really pleasant sweetness and warming comfortable body feelings. It is a really nice aged Liu Bao from this period.  


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