2005 Four Gold Coins Liu Bao

Brand: Si Jin Quan

Product Code: 2005-四金钱六堡-1袋

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'Si Jin Quan' (Four Gold Coins) is a brand of Liu Bao that has been ordered and packaged by a Hong Kong trading company of the same name since the late Qing dynasty (Guangxu period).


This 2005 Liu Bao from them is rich and smooth.  The base material is a blend of Guangxi material with neighbouring border leaves and has the feel of old tree teas.  This tea has a unique signature taste of Si Jin Quan, which is different than the major Liu Bao tea factories.  It is smooth and rich in the mouth and displays a nicely aged flavour.

I'm very happy to be able to offer this tea as an alternative for those seeking a clean Liu bao for everyday drinking.