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2005 Four Gold Coins Liu Bao

2005 Four Gold Coins Liu Bao

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'Si Jin Qian' (Four Gold Coins) is a brand of Liu Bao that has been ordered and packaged by a Hong Kong trading company of the same name since the late Qing dynasty (Guangxu period). 

This 2005 Liu Bao from them is rich and smooth.  The base material is a blend of Guangxi material with neighbouring border leaves and has the feel of old tree teas.  This tea has a unique signature taste of Si Jin Qian, which is different than the major Liu Bao tea factories.  It is smooth and rich in the mouth and displays a nicely aged flavour.

We're very happy to be able to offer this tea as an alternative for those seeking a clean Liu bao for everyday drinking.

Please note: 

For those customers who purchase 1kg of this, we will open the original bag to check the quality of the tea before sending   This is to ensure that the quality of the tea is of the standard we would expect    if you do not wish for us to open the bag and check the tea, please mention this in the comments of your order

At present the market for 4 Gold Coins Liubao is a little messy - since there's no clear dating on the packaging, some vendors claim their tea is older.  From the information in the Malaysian market, apart from one batch of tea, which is generally accepted as being from the 1980's, this batch from 2005 is the oldest 4 Gold Coins Liubao in this plastic bag style packaging.   Other batches are from 2008 or newer.  We advise all our customers to use your taste to decide - don't just believe the stories.

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