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EoT 3-leaf Liubao

EoT 3-leaf Liubao

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 This tea has been a favourite of ours since we came across it while living in Malaysia. We have very little information about it.  From drinking, it seems to be from around the mid-2000's.  The 45kg baskets are marked with the brand of a big factory, but it's very different from their productions and basket style. Perhaps this was a small production from farmers that was later rebranded by the factory for export or resale. It appears to have been processed in the very traditional (pre-1958) method of repeated steaming, rolling and frying before being fermented in the basket. This gives a very vibrant tea with none of the fermentation flavour common in liu bao and shu puerh.

When drinking the tea is active and lively in the mouth, there's a hint of camphor flavour, nice aged character and a very long aftertaste with lots of salivation. This is a lovely Liubao and quite different any other we've come across from this period.

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