EoT 3-leaf Liubao

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Living in Malaysia and hunting around in the tea market here, we drink a lot of Liu Bao. Each batch of Liu Bao can be very different & shops here often repackage specific batches and sell them under their own brand. So far, we've adopted the approach of very basic labelling of the name, factory and age of each tea. This tea was enough to make me rethink that approach & I'm pleased to present our very first EoT Liu Bao.

I can hands down say that this is the most extraordinary liu bao from the past couple of decades that I've come across. I have very little information about it. From drinking, I'd say it's around 10 years old. The 45kg baskets are marked with the brand of a big factory, but it's very different from their productions and basket style. Perhaps this was a small production from farmers that was later rebranded by the factory for export or resale. It appears to have been processed in the very traditional (pre-1958) method of repeated steaming, rolling and frying before being fermented in the basket. This gives a very vibrant tea with none of the fermentation flavour common in liu bao and shu puerh.

When drinking the tea is active and lively in the mouth, there's a hint of camphor flavour, a very very long aftertaste and lots of salivation. As an introduction to Liu Bao, a daily drinker for seasoned tea connoisseurs or just a pleasant drink I can highly recommend this tea.