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1950's Da Xin Hang Liu Bao tea

1950's Da Xin Hang Liu Bao tea

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We've tried several baskets of 50's Da Xin Hang before coming across this one. The quality of the tea is amongst the best we've tried. The storage is very clean and the tea is vibrant and pure. Good quality teas of this age are more and more difficult to find. People don't want to sell their old Liu Bao, waiting for the price to rise as more and more Chinese people come to find these old teas.

We're very happy to be able to offer this basket of Da Xin Hang for tea lovers to be able to purchase loose - either in small sample sizes to be able to explore Liu Bao of this era or in larger sizes for storing and drinking over time.

The tea is rich, thick and deep, with good vibrancy and clear, clean flavours. A lovely old Liu Bao tea for special occasions.


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