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1980's Tie Luo Han

1980's Tie Luo Han

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We sent this tea as the October offering for our monthly Tea Club, and have since had a lot of requests from people asking if they could buy more.

We were able to get a little more of this tea and are happy to offer it.

This tea was nicely aged, with very clean storage.  It was stored in Malaysia and has developed a nice aged profile.  It was likely grown at the edge of the protected area in Wuyishan - lacking a bit of the concentrated body and minerality of ‘Zhengyan tea’ (teas grown within the protected reserve), but still possessing that character of that region.   For teas of this age, it’s not always possible to pick and choose - and the qualities that we might consider ‘perfect’ in a newly made tea aren’t always available in old teas.    Nonetheless, the ageing and character of this tea has its own beauty.

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