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2010 Bulang Ancient Tree

2010 Bulang Ancient Tree

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We discovered this in the warehouse of a friend in Kunming who specialises in Bulang area tea.  He pressed this in 2012 from aged maocha and has been storing it since then.

The raw material comes from ancient trees from Manmu, Banpen, Xin Banzhang and Man Xin Long villages and bears all the hallmarks of great Bulang area tea - it's thick, rich, with a balanced bitter note appearing in later steeps and long, steady aftertaste.  There's a slight hint of smoke that is well balanced and not overpowering at all.  The storage has been very clean and the tea has plenty of strength for the long term.

This is a great tea for those who like the characteristics of the Bulang area, and at a price that we'd struggle to buy and press fresh tea for in 2021.

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