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2014 EoT Long Lan Xu Puerh tea

2014 EoT Long Lan Xu Puerh tea

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We pressed this tea in 2014 from old trees growing near Bangwei.  Since then it has been stored in our warehouse in Malaysia, where it has been ageing well.  The tea liquid has mellowed and browned significantly, and the fresh green flavour has gone, beginning the transformation into slightly aged flavours, tobacco notes and smooth, medium-thick liquid.

If I was to nitpick about this tea, I'd say that perhaps it could be a little thicker in the mouth, but that's only comparing it to teas that are several times the price. Considering the price and the other good qualities of the tea, we felt this offered great value for money as a very good quality tea to drink regularly and to age. I think it definitely punches well above its weight.

This tea was grown naturally without pesticides or fertilisers. We confirmed this with a lab test for agrochemical residues by one of the leading laboratories. Two hundred of the most common agrochemicals were tested for & no traces were detected. The lab test is available to view here: Long Lan Xu Lab Test Report

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