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2016 Bai Yan - Yu Qi Lin

2016 Bai Yan - Yu Qi Lin

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This tea was produced by a small producer who doesn't own any trees.   He buys fresh leaves from the gardens in Wuyishan and processes them himself.  He selects gardens personally and negotiates with farmers to pick the trees with his own workers.  This allows for a very refined tea at a scale that would be deemed too small in quantity to be interesting to the big factories.

This lesser known Yu Qi Lin varietal was grown in Bai Yan area within the Wuyi Scenic Area and given a medium charcoal roast.  The roast has been well done and the past few years of resting has allowed it to settle and become incorporated within the tea.   The quality of the tea is very good with very nice minerality, depth and stability of aftertaste.   This is really a pleasure to drink, outperforming many high end teas from the more famous producers, with a price/quality ratio that is really excellent.

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