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2018 Tie Luo Han Hui Yuan Keng

2018 Tie Luo Han Hui Yuan Keng

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This is a fully handmade TieLuoHan yancha from Hui Yuan Keng.

In Wuyi the trend amongst many farmers is to make lighter oxidation and lighter roast yancha that can be sold more quickly.  The downside of this is that is doesn't age so well & after 10-15 years the differences become quite apparent.  We've found it difficult to source some more traditionally processed yancha and have been searching for several years for farmers who will make high end tea in this manner.  

We're very happy to be able to offer this Tie Luo Han.  It is fully handmade and comes from Hui Yuan Keng, a famous location at the heart of the Wuyi protected area.  Like our other TieLuoHan from Gui Dong Keng, the trees are also growing in a shady area - an important point for the slow growth and concentrated flavours of good yancha.  The trees here are around 30 years old with a full yearly production of only 35kg.

The farmer waited 2 years before offering this for sale to let the charcoal roast subside and mellow.  The oxidation of the tea is enough, so that the ripe fruit flavours can emerge and be in harmony with the roast.

Unfortunately such high end yancha is expensive these day.  We realise that not everyone will be able to afford these teas, but we wanted to make them available for drinkers who seek out such teas both for personal enjoyment and for educational purposes.


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