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2018 EoT House Rou Gui Wuyi Yancha

2018 EoT House Rou Gui Wuyi Yancha

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We've been drinking a lot of yancha samples recently from different farmers, searching for good quality everyday teas that punch above their weight price-wise.

Our criteria was that the tea had to be clean - without the strong effects of agrochemicals, be farmed within the Wuyi protected reserve, have good body, taste and processing.

We're very happy to introduce this Rou Gui, grown in Tian Xin Yan (天心岩)from around 30 old trees.

The tea was given a medium-strong traditional style charcoal roast and left to rest for two years.  This has allowed the roast to mellow and incorporate well into the flavour of the tea.  There is a nice minerality (yan yun), well defined flavour and aromas and very pleasant long aftertaste.   For lovers of this varietal, this is a good example, still at at a reasonable price point. 

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