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2018 Eot Wuliang Wild

2018 Eot Wuliang Wild

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We really like the character of the ancient wild  (non-camellia sinensis var assamica) trees in this area of Wuliang mountains & early this year we commissioned a farmer to oversee the picking of this tea and for him to process the fresh leaves.    These ancient wild trees only flush once a year & their energy is concentrated in their spring leaves.

The character of wild tea is different from cultivated tea - with a flavour that seems light at first taste but swells up in in body and taste throughout the infusions.  The qi is very deep, also beginning in a subtle manner but creeping up as you drink it.

This is a very nice wild tea.  It's clean, smooth and powerful.

Note:  This is not standard Camellia Sinensis vs Assamica, but from wild tea tree varietals that grow in the forest

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