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2019 Ai Jiao Oolong Wuyi Yancha

2019 Ai Jiao Oolong Wuyi Yancha

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In the early 1990's Wuyi Tea Research Institution transplanted some bushes from Jian Ou in North Fujian Province to their present location in Zhu Ke, in the centre of the Wuyi protected area.  

As tea from Zhu Ke has become more sought after and the area has become more famous, these bushes are now scheduled to be removed this year to make way for more profitable Rou Gui bushes to be planted in their place.   We have purchased this tea from the 2018 harvest and will likely also purchase some of the 2019 harvest when it is available.  The total yearly production is around 80kg.

This tea has been had kill green in a wood fire heated drum, with machine rolling and charcoal roasted.

This tea has been processed in the traditional style, with greater oxidation and stronger charcoal roast than is common for an increasing number of Wuyi tea farmers who prefer to sell their tea more quickly.  We have found this stronger oxidation and stronger roast teas to age much better in the medium-long term.

The leaves are uniform in size and have a deep fruity flavour.  The roast has started to subside, but will continue over the coming years.  It can be drunk now, or stored to age for the future.

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