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2024 Spring Wangong - Ma An Shan Ancient Tree Puerh 马鞍山

2024 Spring Wangong - Ma An Shan Ancient Tree Puerh 马鞍山

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This is a new tea for us, from an area that we haven’t previously offered.   It comes from Ma An Shan, a section of the famous Wangong region with Yiwu’s protected forest (also called Yiwu Guoyoulin).    It is pure ancient tree material.

We’ve drunk this many times now since first tasting and loving it this Spring.   In some senses it has been the most difficult tea to write tasting notes for.   I think one word that really stands out is “Beauty” - it’s so captivating.   Beginning from the scent of the wet leaves, the aroma is so refined, hints of forest flowers.   As we begin to drink it, at first it seems to hold back, in an elegant and teasing manner, before opening up from brew to brew.  The liquid is support refined in the mouth, silky smooth, with strength that builds throughout the infusions and a qi (energy) that sneaks up on you throughout the session.   

This is one tea that benefits from attention - it’s not for the casual, distracted tea session, but will reward the mindful tea drinker with an ever expanding experience of beauty.

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