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2024 Spring 15++ Ancient Tree Puerh 纪念饼

2024 Spring 15++ Ancient Tree Puerh 纪念饼

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We pressed our 15 Year anniversary cake last year - a blend of pure ancient trees from Yiwu's Guoyoulin - San Jia Zhai and Yao Zhu Di tea gardens, along with wild growing Gaogan (tall pole trees) from southern Bulang.   The Bulang adds a bit of extra kick to the already lovely Yiwu tea and makes a nicely balanced tea with power, strength and elegance.

We decided to press some more this year, to have some more quantity and put away to age for years to come.  We increased the quantity of the Bulang in the blend this year to have a bit more of a kick while still being nicely balanced.   This is a tea that we can put our name behind and be very confident of its potential.

It ticks all the boxes - strong, elegant, uplifting, strength to age over the years, lovely to drink now. The tea dances in the mouth, changing quickly with a hint of bitterness melting into a long, sweet cooling aftertaste with mouth-watering sensations and vibrant energy. We can highly recommend this tea.

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