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2024 Spring Yiwu Guoyoulin Ancient Tree White Tea

2024 Spring Yiwu Guoyoulin Ancient Tree White Tea

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We have been working with this farmer in Yiwu's Daqishu village for ten years. He has three sought after parcels of land inside of the ancient protected forest (Guoyoulin).   These ancient trees are nestled in a biodiverse, unspoilt environment and grown entirely without agrochemicals.

This white tea came from his SanJiaZhai tea garden, so called because in previous times there were three families living there, then later the area came to be know as San Jia Zhai (three families village).

We have been buying tea from this garden since 2015, but mostly processing it as raw puerh tea.  Knowing how nice the white tea is from here, we thought to book a small production of white tea from this Spring.   It was picked, shade dried, then steamed and pressed.  Since this was a small production and in the spirit of friendship and appreciation for our long term relationship, the farmer offered us this tea at a highly discounted price - normally these leaves should cost more than twice as much.   We've passed on this discount to you, but won't be able to repeat this price if we press this tea in future years.

The taste is delicate and full bodied, with elegant floral and honey aroma.  The refined texture and minty cooling sensations in the mouth accompany the long aftertastes.

This is a really special white tea, the rich elements and pure, robust body lend to enjoying now, or ageing for years to come.   White tea tends to transform quickly and delivers a nicely aged experience in just a few years.

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