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2024 Spring Manlin Selected Ancient Tree Puerh

2024 Spring Manlin Selected Ancient Tree Puerh

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We pressed tea from this farmer back in 2016, as part of our special puerh tea club that we ran for a year.  

We’ve been drinking these cakes over the years and really enjoying them, but amongst the busyness of life and especially the constraints of the tea hunting seasons, we hadn’t made it back to visit this farmer since then.  

We visited this Spring and very much enjoyed his tea again.  The dry weather this year shrunk his yield by more than half, so in the end we were able to buy significantly less than we had hoped to, but the quality of the tea was excellent.   

We purchased this maocha, made from a few of his oldest trees.   It’s strong, thick with a nice energy and punches well above its weight.   This tea is very nice and has the power and character to continue to age well throughout the years.

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