Aug 27, 2015

More Malaysian storage comparisons

In 2012, we shipped a case of our Bulang Puer Tea directly from China to one of our friend’s warehouses in Malaysia. The rest of the tea, we shipped back to the UK and made available for sale. Since moving to Malaysia, I’ve been meaning to collect this case from his warehouse and have just […]
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Jul 26, 2015

2015 Puerh tea lineup (aka, when will you post the rest of your cakes??)

The Spring of 2015 was very interesting for us. We had some highs and lows and opened some very special doors for future productions. As I discussed in my previous post about pesticides in puerh tea, we had some setbacks and some shocks when we sent maocha for lab testing, but in the end we […]
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May 13, 2015

Devastated!!! (aka pesticides and puerh tea in 2015)

We left Xishuangbanna quietly confident.  We’d found a number of candidates, some of the best maocha samples we thought we’d found since we’ve been making tea.  We tasted them and they were lovely.  Feeling no real need to, but just seeking confirmation, we sent the first two off to the lab to be tested for […]
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Apr 06, 2015

Ancient Tree Puerh Tea – recommendations pt.1

One of the most frequent email questions we receive is from customers asking for recommendations of special teas. For the newcomer and experienced drinker alike looking at our selection for the first time, it might seem a little overwhelming. I thought I’d write a few posts giving some insights into our offerings & some recommendations […]
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Mar 22, 2015

Guafengzhai Puerh & Malaysian storage

We recently got hold of a tong of the 2009 ChangYuHao Guafengzhai – a tea that’s been ‘sold out’ since 2009. The owner of ChangYuHao still had some in his own collection of course & recently agreed to let us have a tong to offer to western customers. This was quite interesting for us, because […]
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Jan 07, 2015

Wuyi Mountains, the results are in

We’ve been working out the totals and making a random draw for our trip to Wuyi this Spring. We’ve increased the draw to four people & sent emails to those who’s names were picked. If any of the people who have been picked can’t make it, we’ll continue the draw and select the next name […]
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Dec 28, 2014

Win a trip with us in Wuyi mountains

Just a quick reminder that the last few days of the chance to win a trip with us in the Wuyi mountains are here. This offer runs until the end of the month. Please see the blog post linked below for more details:
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